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Return Policy

Order Cancelation Policy

Once an order has been received by our team, a 15% order cancelation fee may be deducted from the final credit in the event that an order cancelation is made and a refund is issued.

Build Pro PC Return Policy

At Build Pro PC, we are dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction with our products. Our return policy is designed to provide clarity and fairness. Please carefully review the following terms and conditions for returning your purchased items:

  1. Returns for Prebuilt PCs: You may return a Build Pro PC within 30 days for a replacement if it meets the following conditions:


a. Shipping Damage or Performance Issue: If your prebuilt PC arrives damaged or exhibits a hardware-related performance issue.

b. Performance Issue Definition: A performance issue is characterized as a hardware-related problem that significantly impacts the PC's performance. Examples include a faulty CPU cooler, defective RAM stick, or failing hard drive.

c. Damage Definition: Damage refers to any physical impairment that affects the PC's visual appeal or functionality. This includes visible dents in the PC case or physically broken components.

  1. Non-Faulty or Non-Damaged Returns: If you return a PC that is found to be neither faulty nor damaged, Build Pro PC reserves the right to return the PC to you in its original condition, and no compensation or refund will be issued.


At Build Pro PC, our commitment is to ensure your satisfaction with our products. Please be aware that we do not offer refunds of any kind due to the substantial costs involved in the system integration industry, especially for a small business. However, we are happy to provide a direct replacement for PCs that meet the conditions outlined above. All return requests are assessed on a case-by-case basis to ensure we deliver the best possible service.


For further details or to initiate a return, please contact our customer support team.

Thank you for choosing Build Pro PC! We appreciate your trust in our products and services.



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